Attic Rooms

Attic Conversion

Multi-purpose Attic Rooms

Our Attic Rooms allow for a multi-purpose, flexible space. Clean and comfortable, an Attic Room can be fully customised to suit our client’s needs.

Fitted with a heavy duty, engineered structural floor, Attic Rooms are an open plan space that make an affordable addition to any home. Attic Rooms are designed to stay within the lines of your existing roof profile meaning that DA approval is not required, saving both time and money.

Common uses of Attic rooms are:

  • Kid’s play room
  • Teenage hangout
  • Rumpus room
  • Movie room
  • Home office
  • Utility area
  • First-class storage area

If the roof space allows we can even divide the space to create a dual purpose area!

Our Attic Rooms come with a 10 year guarantee.

  • Unlock the full potential of unused roof space
  • Practical, cost-efficient solutions
  • Professional excellence and workmanship
  • Add value and square footage, improve your home & lifestyle

Is it worthwhile turning your attic into a room?


Converting your attic space into a home office or playroom can add significant value to your home’s market value.  An attic room is also a great point of difference, adding to the selling qualities of your home should you ever put your house on the market down the track. Attic rooms are also far less intrusive and cost effective when compared to a full conversion. 


  • Is my roof space suitable for storage or an attic room?

    This is probably the most important question to ask yourselves when considering the space in your attic. If you have are able to safely do so then we suggest having a quick look into your attic to gain an understanding of head height and general space.

    If you cannot comfortably stand up within the roof, then an Attic Room may not be suitable for your house. However our basic and dust proof storage options can go in almost any space – truss roofs included! We can also work around air-con ducting (or organise a technician to quote on relocating this to create more space). If you’re unsure, call us today to arrange a free appraisal of your roof space on 1300 502 995. You can also upload photos on our free quote form! Please note, as we are carpenters by trade, we do not work in steel framed houses.

  • What about lighting/power in the attic?

    We can handle the process of installing lighting and power in the attic, if required. We can ensure the work is completed at the same time as your storage/room to minimise disruption.

    If you have a preferred electrician then we are happy to work in with them also.

  • How do I access the roof space?

    Basic and Dust Proof rooms are accessed via one of our excellent attic ladders. We can work with you to find the best location for your home as well as the ladder that best suits your needs and budget. The right ladder for you will depend on the height of your ceiling and how often you wish to use the space.

    Our Attic Rooms can be accessed by a fixed staircase if you have the room. Alternatively, these can still be accessed via an attic ladder (a fully electric attic ladder is also another option!).

  • Do I need DA approval?

    Generally, no!   For storage solutions and attic rooms, our works are confined to the existing parameters of the property and because we do not alter the roofline of the house we are able to avoid the timely and costly process of a Development Application.