Transforming the attic into a functional living space is a rising trend amongst many Australian homeowners. Once an area to store old items and seasonal knickknacks, modern-day attics are becoming gorgeous spaces, particularly as extra bedrooms.

When thinking about ways to enhance the appearance of your attic bedroom, you’ll be surprised that all you need is a little splash of colour. You don’t need to invest in expensive wallpaper or wood panels to make your loft space attractive; you only need to choose the best paint colours for attic bedroom areas.


Best Paint Colours for Attic Bedroom

There is an entire spectrum of colours you can choose from in any home décor store. With that many shades, it can be tricky to determine which would suit your loft space best. To help you with palette selection, here are some of the best attic paint colour ideas, tips, and suggestions:


Ideal Bedroom Hues

The ambience and mood of an attic bedroom are greatly influenced by the colours surrounding it. Bedrooms are meant to be tranquil spaces, which is why your paint choice should encourage relaxation and serenity.

White and Brown

There is no other colour combination more soothing than white and brown. Though simplistic, this timeless paint scheme can give your attic bedroom a sense of cosiness and elegance.

  • Brown and white bedrooms are perfect for rustic homes.
  • Try painting the walls white and adding brown accents and furnishings.
  • Gives attic bedrooms a touch of refinement and a welcoming feel.


Neutral Colour Scheme

Bright colours are not typically suitable for bedrooms since they might be too high-energy for a room intended for resting. For many homeowners, a neutral palette consisting of beige, cream, and grey is the standard.

  • Whether contemporary or traditional, neutral paint colours suit any bedroom interior style.
  • Since neutral palettes can act as a backdrop, it is easy to move and change decorations to alter the room’s design.
  • Neutral colours promote tranquillity and restfulness.


Lush Green

Though an uncommon option, green is a fantastic bedroom paint colour. Depending on the shade of green, your attic bedroom can enjoy depth or calmness.

  • Darker shades of green, like forest or pine green, can give off a rich atmosphere full of depth.
  • Lighter green shades, like sage or mint, can create a calming and fresh environment.
  • A green attic bedroom can fit nicely in homes with a natural or bohemian feel.


Grey Paint

Grey is one of the simplest yet most impactful neutral colours you can use for your attic bedroom. Emanating richness and poignancy, grey palettes are sure to elevate the ambience and vibe of your roof space.

  • Deeper grey hues like charcoal and slate create depth and opulence.
  • Lighter shades of grey, like silver and dove, deliver an airier and gentler atmosphere.
  • A grey palette looks excellent in industrial-themed or contemporary homes.


All Nude Look

If you are truly chasing after a comfy and calm environment for your bedroom attic conversion, consider gentle tones like taupe, crème, and beige. An all-nude room exudes tranquillity.

  • Nude colours are highly versatile and can match many different kinds of accessories.
  • The ideal combination would be darker nude walls and lighter furniture.
  • A nude palette is best paired with metals like gold and brass.


Pastel Colours

Painting your attic bedroom in soft, calm hues like lavender, mint, and pastel pink is a recommended suggestion. Due to their lightness, pastel tones can easily achieve that tranquil roof space.

  • Pastel colours are best paired with white or metallic decorations.
  • If you want a romantic vibe, pastel is the right colour choice.
  • A pastel palette works best in modern-style homes.


Location of the Attic Bedroom

Besides understanding which colour choices and combinations are suitable for a bedroom setting, it is also essential to know the palette that is ideal for the location of your attic. Depending on the direction, your loft space might have more or reduced natural light access.

North-Facing Attic Bedrooms

If your attic’s windows are generally north-facing, you might not receive as much natural light. As such, consider choosing paint colours that can balance warmth and lightness.

  • Choose light paint colours that bring in warmth to compensate for the limited access to natural light.
  • Avoid strong or deeply-coloured shades since they can make your attic bedroom dark.
  • North-facing rooms benefit from white, nude, and pastel tones.


East Facing Attic Bedrooms

For attics that have mostly east-facing windows, natural light is abundant during the mornings. However, you might be less likely to spend much time in the early hours of the day, so consider paint schemes that are warm and not too deep.

  • East-facing attics, like their north-facing counterparts, will benefit from light, warm hues.
  • Since the amount of natural light east-facing rooms receives will differ depending on the hour of the day, it is recommended to get a palette suitable to the hours you’ll be in the attic.
  • If you prefer to stay in the morning, opt for saturated, cooler tones. Otherwise, refer to the first bullet.


South and West-Facing Attic Bedrooms

South and west-facing attic rooms enjoy natural light throughout the day. The room won’t be too dark, allowing you to choose from more tones, not limited to light or warm shades.

  • South and west-facing rooms have enough light in them to be painted in cooler, more saturated tones.
  • You don’t have to hesitate to splash bolder colours, like deep blue or forest green, on south- and west-facing attics.


Attic Type

Finally, the attic type will also influence the choice of colours for the paint:

Unfinished Attics

  • Unfinished attics have exposed beams, ceiling rafters, and wall studs. They might need a bit of cleaningand construction to convert into a bedroom.
  • This type of attic is perfect for rustic-themed rooms, especially when the exposed architecture is used as decoration.
  • White or light colours are practical, while natural wood tones are recommended for that rustic touch.


Partially Finished Attics

  • A partially finished attic typically has a lower headroom due to a slanted ceiling.
  • To give the illusion of space, paint this type of attic with lighter shades, such as beige or pale greys. Avoid intense colours as they can make the room feel more enclosed.
  • You can also consider earth tones, muted greens, or warm greys to make the attic bedroom more inviting.


Which Colour is Best for Attic Bedrooms?

The answer to this question is light, warm shades.

Since attics are usually dark and musty, choosing lighter yet soft colours can counteract the dimness of these spaces, creating a comfortable environment to rest in.

Whether you’re using it as an additional bedroom, enhanced storage space, or any other functional room, painting the attic with the right colours can significantly impact its practicality and appearance.

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