Natural light can enhance the appearance of any room, providing a warmer ambience and the illusion of greater space. An attic conversion project or any other dim room can benefit from the effects of natural light.

Skylights are considered the best solution to allow more sunshine inside a home, but several types of properties may not allow the installation of a skylight. If you are looking for an alternative to getting natural light without skylights, investing in Illume™ Skylight Alternative is a fantastic choice.

But how does an Illume skylight work, and why is it recommended?

How Does Illume™ Skylight Work?

The Illume™ Skylight is constantly compared with traditional skylights. This is because Illume functions in a similar manner: acting as a medium to allow natural light to enter and disperse in a room.

However, the design and functionality of Illume are no doubt different from a skylight, and you might be surprised to discover they are not at all the same.

What Illume™ Looks Like

Think of the Illume Skylight as a window-like fixture located on the ceiling of your home. It may not show the clouds passing by across sky, but it can catch natural light to brighten even the dingiest areas.

Illume Skylights have a sleek, compact design that is installed in the ceiling of any room. The most noticeable component of Illume is the solar panel and the light panel, which is only 10mm thick. Inside the Illume Skylight Alternative is a transfer cable that transmits the light captured by the solar panel to the light panel.

How Illume™ Skylight Alternative Works

Unlike skylights or windows, Illume is not a piece of glass fitted through a hole in the ceiling to directly let the sunlight shine through. Instead, it uses a complex mechanism that limits the amount of space it uses while transmitting as much natural light as possible.

Below is an illustration of how Illume delivers natural light to interior spaces:

  • Solar Panel – As mentioned, Illume uses a solar panel to capture natural light from the sun. The brightness of the light panel will depend on the amount of light caught by the solar panel, which is affected by factors such as the weather, orientation, and objects that might block it.
  • Transfer Cable – Between the solar panel and the light panel, a transfer cable transmits the natural light. This simulates lighting conditions outside.
  • Light Panel – The cable directs all of the natural light captured by the solar panel to the light panel. The Illume™ lighting panel uses ambient light technology to create a feeling of harmony between interior and external light conditions. The Illume Skylight Alternative automatically comes to life at sunrise, with its intensity varying depending on outside light conditions.
  • Night Time Operations – One benefit of the Illume Skylight Alternative is that it can be used at night. Using an AC Driver accessory, Illume can connect to the primary power lines to continue operations.

Illume™ Skylight: Installation and Maintenance

The compact design of the Illume Skylight makes installation easier than traditional skylights and many other artificial light fixtures. No modification to the roof structure is required, which means no cutting large holes or removing roof components to place Illume. This is ideal for attic conversion projects where roof integrity is valuable.

Illume Skylights can be installed with or without professional assistance. In a few easy steps, you can have your skylight alternative up and running:

  • Determine the best place to install your Illume Skylight Alternative. Look for areas on the roof that receive the most natural light throughout the day to maximise the brightness.
  • Mount the solar panel to the roof.
  • Cut out the templated hole in the ceiling plaster for the transfer cable.
  • Connect the cable to the lighting panel and secure it. Your Illume Skylight Alternative is now ready for use.

Maintenance is not an issue either with the Illume Skylight. Since it does not suffer from leaks, bacterial growth, or mould formation caused by cutting out large holes in the ceiling plaster, your Illume Skylight Alternative will require little to no maintenance.

Plus, Illume Skylights have a long lifespan. The light panel can last up to 15 years, while the solar panel can keep functioning for around 20 years.

The Benefits of Illume™ Skylights

  • No Heat Transfer – One of the best benefits of Illume Skylights is its temperature resistance. Since installing Illume does not compromise the insulation, this type of natural light fixture can easily repel heat in the summer and expel cold from the winter more effectively than shafted skylights.
  • Easy Installation – Installing Illume Skylight Alternative can be accomplished DIY since it does not need any complicated roof modifications, saving you from installation fees. You can also hire the assistance of professional installers if you do not trust your DIY skills.
  • Leak-Free – The absence of roof modifications when installing Illume Skylights prevents leaks and insulation damage in the roofing. This ensures that your Illume is free from moisture damage, bugs, and unhealthy mould growth.
  • Cost Savings – Illume does not use electricity to brighten your home, cutting down costs on power consumption and reliance on artificial light sources. This also makes Illume Skylights environmentally friendly.
  • Multi-Storey Illumination – The greatest advantage of Illume Skylights against other natural light sources is its ability to provide sunlight to multiple floor levels. Whether on the ground floor or the topmost level, Illume Skylight Alternative can deliver natural light consistently and without hassle.
  • Single Solar Panel – Another attractive benefit of Illume Skylights is that you can connect a total of nine (9) light panels to a single solar panel.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Can I get a flushed look for my Illume?

There are two types of Illume lighting panels you can purchase: surface mount and flushed. Surface mount is available in premium panels and can be placed directly on top of the ceiling. Meanwhile, the flushed version gives the Illume a recessed look, but you’ll need to cut a hole in the ceiling.

  • Help, my Illume is too bright!

If you think your Illume Skylight is too bright, do not worry. You can have the Illume Remote Dimmer Switch Kit accessory to turn the Illume on or off. This accessory also adjusts the softness of its light.

  • Will hail damage the solar panel?

Hail is a common concern for those who own or are looking to purchase Illume. Fortunately, the Illume Skylight is hail-resistant and can withstand powerful impacts. If damage does occur, you can get a replacement panel from the dealer who installed your Illume.

No Skylight? No Problem

A room is never complete without natural light. Whether you want to reduce your dependence on artificial light, brighten a dim attic room, or add natural light to a windowless attic, the Illume Skylight Alternative is a fantastic option. Contact Attic Plus – one of Australia’s most trusted attic and skylight service providers – to help you install Illume in your home.


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