Let more natural light filter into your home with an Illume skylight alternative installed by a AtticPlus installation specialist.

Brightening the darkest spots of your home, AtticPlus offer a wide range of Illume’s- the skylight alternative, traditional skylights as well as roof windows. These can be supplied and installed as a standalone piece, or as part of a bigger roof storage project.

We highly recommend the Illume Skylight Alternative for clients in scenarios where installing a traditional skylight is not possible. An Illume harnesses solar energy and mimics the natural light levels outside.

But the biggest benefit – they can be installed in any location on any floor of a property – including the lower level of dual storey homes!

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Illume Client Testimonial: The Illume Skylight Alternative

Illume’s are a cost-effective solar lighting solution when compared to a traditional skylight. Costing up to 50% less than traditional skylights.

They require no shaft, no decoration and there are no concerns for leaks or wayward bugs to make an appearance.

We recently installed a solar skylight for Linda in her Glebe property in Sydney’s inner suburbs, here’s what she had to say:

“My husband and I had been looking for a way to get natural light into the ground floor of our terraced house. We are surrounded by trees and it makes for some very poorly lit areas of the house that require lighting to be on always!

After a chat with a friend they recommended AtticPlus as they had previously completed work on their home. We struck it lucky as we were finally introduced to the product we had needed for the last 15 years: The Illume Skylight Alternative.

Terry was very polite, he came to look and gave his suggestions as to what was required. We went with his advice and had a multi-system installed with one panel in our hallway and another one in both the living and dining areas.

WOW! What an incredible difference this has made for us. It really is just like having a skylight- but we have another level above us! They get brighter as the sun comes up and react to the weather outside.

The installation by William was excellent- very clean and tidy and we felt very comfortable with him in our home.

All in all we cannot recommend this company and this product enough. Thank you to the team at AtticPlus!”

– Linda G, Glebe

Our Process: What to Expect Working with AtticPlus

We like to keep the process as simple as possible for our clients:

  1. Once an enquiry is received we contact the customer to arrange a convenient time for a no obligation appraisal.
  2. We identify the areas of the home where the customer would like to gain more light. We complete a site survey of the premises and discuss with the customer our recommendations for sizing and placement of the solar panel.
  3. It is possible to have up to 9 Illume’s on a “multi-system”. The Illume’s are great in that they are a “go anywhere” product. There is never an instance when an Illume cannot be installed.
  4. We offer customers an on-site written quotation that is valid for 90 days.

Why Choose AtticPlus?

Here are just a few reasons to work with the AtticPlus team:

  • We are customer orientated – We will work with you and create the best solution based on your budget and space available.
  • We have a qualified team of friendly, reliable and trustworthy staff – our reputation means a lot to us. We’ve worked hard to build up a positive and friendly rapport with every client and are committed to ensuring the best outcome.
  • Excellent value for money – we have a strong commitment to quality and service, quality of work and focus on attention to detail.
  • Provide strong project management to minimise disruptions and project delays – we don’t waste time.

Illume – Skylight alternative Sydney

Let us help you change the dynamic of lighting in your home with an affordable yet effective solar skylight!

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