Many homeowners view the attic as a place to store their old possessions and seasonal knick-knacks. While this is the typical purpose of your roof’s extra space, this is not its only function.

The past few years have seen a trend in transforming attics into functional living spaces. With the right resources and imagination, there are many ways to use your attic for more practical purposes other than storage.

As a beginner, you may not have an idea of how to utilise your attic better. Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. Keep reading to explore ten fantastic uses for your roof space.

Creative and Practical Ways to Use Your Attic

The attic is a treasure trove of home renovation opportunities that can bring value and increased practicality. Take a look at the following attic conversions to take inspiration from:

  1. Build A Walk-In Closet

Have you always wanted to have your dream walk-in closet but couldn’t find space in the master bedroom? No worries, you can use the attic space to build and store all your shoes and clothes.

How to Build Your Attic Closet

  • Determine the orientation, headroom, storage, and standard closet allowances.
  • We recommend an allowance of 102cm to 204 cm to accommodate all kinds of clothing lengths.
  • Clean the attic, rewire electricals, add new walls, paint, and insulation.
  • Install new lighting fixtures, specifically recessed lights.
  • Build built-in shelves, drawers, and clothes rods.
  • Place a vanity mirror, desk, and armchair.
  1. Make a Home Office

You can become more productive at home by transforming your attic into a fully functional home office. A home office is valuable if you have a remote work setup, allowing you to have a private space where you can focus on your tasks.

How to Build Your Home Office

  • Install better natural lighting sources such as skylights or bigger windows to reduce feelings of seclusion.
  • Paint the attic in fresh colours, replace the lights, and install new insulation.
  • Add a desk, chair, filing cabinet, shelves, and an AC unit.
  • Place artwork and other decorations to give life to your office.
  • Ensure the WIFI connection can reach your roof space; otherwise, consider placing an internet broadband.
  1. An Extra Bedroom

When thinking of attic conversion ideas, you can never go wrong with an additional bedroom. Though making a new sleeping quarter is a simple renovation idea, it can significantly increase your property’s value, space, and functionality.

How to Build Your Attic Bedroom

  • Replace the flooring and roof structure with hardwood to give the feeling of cosiness and warmth.
  • Place skylights to let more natural light in.
  • Place a bed or two, depending on the number of occupants and whether you want to turn it into a guest bedroom.
  • Make the place comfier by adding carpets, rugs, cushions, and sheets.
  1. Create a Library

Do you consider yourself a bookworm? Create your literary paradise at home by turning your roof space into a library. Collect your books and start arranging them on custom-made shelves in the attic as a first step.

How to Build Your Attic Library

  • Build custom built-in and floating bookshelves to place your book collection in.
  • Enhance lighting by installing new light fixtures or dormers.
  • Paint the walls in neutral hues like white or warm neutral tones like light brown to create a soothing ambience.
  • Pick a corner to make your reading nook, and add furniture like an armchair, coffee table, lamp, and rugs.
  • Add artwork and other decorations to complete the look.
  1. Relax in a Meditation Room

The attic is often the most peaceful spot in the house, so why not take advantage of this by making a meditation and yoga room? With a little touch-up and some Zen music in the background, you can turn an attic storage space into a peaceful retreat.

How to Build Your Meditation Room

  • Remodel the attic if needed, and replace the walls, flooring, paint, and electricals.
  • Stick to a neutral colour scheme to maintain the serenity of the room; avoid bright hues like yellow or sky blue.
  • Place yoga mats, incense, and meditation altars.
  • Enhance the peace with dim lighting, scented candles, and calm music playing in the background.
  1. Boost Fun with a Playroom

Do you want to let your kids have their play space? Are you looking for a room to store toys neatly? The attic is the ideal location to make a playroom where your kids can have fun while maintaining tidiness.

How to Build Your Attic Playroom

  • Ensure your child’s safety by childproofing the attic, such as opting to use a staircase instead of a ladder for access.
  • Maximise the space by adding tables, chairs, makeshift tents, chalkboards, bookshelves, and cabinets.
  • Make the attic playroom more exciting by painting in bright shades.
  • Use a thick carpet to soundproof the floor.
  • Ensure the insulation and attic ventilationare adequate to keep the playroom comfortable and safe.
  1. Craft an Art Studio

Looking for a space to unleash your creativity? Make use of that empty roof storage space by transforming it into a colourful arts and crafts studio. Not only will you have an area to get creative, but this also keeps your materials organised.

How to Build Your Art Studio

  • Repaint the walls and ceiling in light neutral colours like white for a well-lit and cheery studio.
  • Install light fixtures and enhance illumination by using windows and skylights for natural light.
  • Decorate the studio with your creations and place rugs to minimise noise.
  • Place easels, cabinets, shelves, desks, chairs, and other small storage to organise your workspace. You can also use a rolling cart for your art supplies.
  1. Have Fun in a Gaming Room

Having a dedicated space for playing games and other forms of entertainment is a wish for many homeowners. You can instantly achieve this dream by leveraging that extra space in your attic. With a bit of work, you can soon enjoy gaming with family and friends.

How to Build Your Gaming Room

  • Fix electricals and place your gaming equipment, like consoles, televisions, PCs, a pool table, and more.
  • Reduce clutter by keeping a monochromatic colour scheme since game rooms tend to appear busy.
  • Create a focal point, such as a backlit television for your console games, a mural, or a couch with lamps on either side.
  • Make the space cosier by installing carpets, floor cushions, and or a tufted bench near the windows.
  1. View Films in a Movie Room

One of the most creative ways to use your abandoned attic is to make it a movie room. Not everyone can have a theatre in their houses, and with the combination of peace and privacy, your loft is the ideal room for such.

How to Build Your Movie Room

  • Paint the walls in light colours, as there may not be enough natural light in the attic. This will help keep the room lit in the dimness.
  • Buy and install a projector and screen.
  • Create the ultimate comfortable movie room by placing carpets, soft sofas, bean bags, and cushions.
  • If you want, you can install a popcorn machine or soda fountain.

Don’t Waste Space; Convert Your Attic Today!

Using the attic to stow away unused items is a conventional purpose for your roof space, but most of the time, it is a waste of a valuable home. Instead of neglecting it and letting it gather dust, take the time to turn it into a functional living space.

Living space conversion opportunities are endless with your attic. Why settle for a storage space when you can do more with a little renovation? Contact Attic Plus – Australia’s top attic conversion specialists – to get started.