If you’ve been toying with the idea of a traditional skylight or solar skylight, but not sure where to begin – we share an alternative to solar skylights that is both energy efficient, low maintenance and loved by AtticPlus clients across Sydney.

If you want to allow natural filtered light into your home, we highly recommend the solar powered skylight alternative from Illume.

Below we share the four big benefits of Illume – the Skylight Alternative and why Irene, a AtticPlus customer, gave us a 5-star review.


Skylight Choices for Your Home

Here at AtticPlus we are experts at attic conversions and installing skylights and roof windows.

And in our eyes, The Illume product – a solar powered skylight alternative – is a stand out.

Offering all the benefits of a traditional skylight or solar skylight, Illume doesn’t require roof access – and can even be installed on the lower levels of two storey properties thanks to its unique design.


Benefits of Illume – Solar Powered Skylight Alternative

Not only does Illume allow more natural light into your home, but the Illume’s impressive features also include:   

  • No heat transfer: because your insulation is kept in place, the illume doesn’t affect the room temperature
  • No leaks or bugs: with no modification to the roof structure, you won’t need to worry about leaks or bugs getting stuck in your Illume Skylight
  • Energy efficient: as it’s completely solar powered the Illume Skylight Alternative doesn’t require any mains or battery power, reducing your power bill and eliminating the need to switch lights on during the day
  • No restrictions: Because there’s no need for a light shaft, you can install your Illume anywhere you like, even on the bottom floor of your home!

Illume Skylight Alternative Review

Brighten up the look and feel of your home with a solar powered skylight alternative from Illume.

Here’s why Irene loved her experience with AtticPlus after we installed an Illume Skylight Alternative near the front entrance of her home.

It made an immediate impact which lit up our living room after the skylight installation at the entry path. It was like magic. I would have had it done much earlier if I had known about this product. Terry provided efficient and excellent customer service and offered professional advice. We are also impressed by William’s workmanship and attitude. We have already recommended AtticPlus to our relative who has also engaged their service. I highly recommend a skylight as it really brightens up the area you need as well as brightening up your mood.”

Irene W.


Alternative to Solar Skylights

So, when you’re looking for options on ways to brighten up those dark rooms and corners of your home, consider the potential for solar powered skylight alternative from Illume.

For more information on our entire skylight range, give AtticPlus a call on 1300 502 995 or enquire online here for your no obligation quote.