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You can choose from an essential storage space right through to a beautifully designed living space.

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AtticPlus – The Attic Team

At AtticPlus, we want you to make the most of your home and maximise it’s potential.

When AtticPlus work for you, you may meet some of the team! Terry Matthews is the Managing Director of the company and is a very experienced carpenter and builder in his own right. There’s also Tony, William and the AtticPlus apprentice Sam. The team are all qualified carpenters and have worked on attic conversions for a number of years.

Terry tends to manage and quote these days with William as the main attic storage specialist and Tony and Sam handling the larger attic rooms and conversions. All have a keen eye for detail and are great workers!

We asked Terry a few questions about how he got into attic conversions:

How long have you been converting attics?

Personally, I have been working on attics now for a total of 15 years. I started once I finished my apprenticeship back home in the UK. Since arriving in Australia 5 years ago, I decided to use my vast experience and continue working on attic conversions. I love to see the progress when transforming a space and the difference it makes to our customers once we have finished.

Were you a builder for longer than that?

I started out as a carpenter- most builders come from a carpentry background as this is generally the trade that is onsite from start to finish. You pick up all manner of works as you go, and get to understand how a project should be run. I would say I have been building/managing sites for around 10 years now. I am fortunate enough to say I am one of those who truly enjoys what they do for a living!

Why did you move into doing attics?

When I completed my apprenticeship I went and worked for a builder who did a lot of attic conversions. I have completed numerous extensions and renovation projects through the years and we still take on these works today. Because I know how to build them so well, I really enjoy working on attics!

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