Attic Conversion

Green Solutions in Attic Conversion in Inner West

Attic conversion

Attic conversion in Inner West has become a popular trend. Homeowners are now seeing that their loft is more than a storage area wherein they can transform it into a more functional room, like an additional bedroom, work hub, or studio.

Amidst the home improvement project’s popularity, one thing that you should not forget is the importance of including sustainable and energy-efficient practices.

Discuss sustainable and energy-efficient practices for attic conversions, including insulation options, eco-friendly materials, and considerations for heating and cooling. Applying this custom offers many benefits to you, like long-term energy conservation, enhancing your home’s resale value, sustaining better indoor air quality, and providing a positive impact on the environment. 

Hence, what are the sustainable and energy-efficient practices you should be aware of to make your attic conversion in Inner West successful?

Eco-Friendly Methods for Attic Conversion in Inner West

Sustainable Attic Insulation Options

Adequate temperature control can reduce your monthly energy bills. It eases energy efficiency and comfort and lessens the environmental impact caused by the standard HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) systems.

Some of the eco-friendly insulation materials suitable for attic conversions in Inner West are:

  • Cotton Insulation, which is helpful in regulating temperature and absorbing sound from outside.
  • Wool Insulation – a good material for moisture absorption.
  • Cellulose Insulation is a recycled paper or cardboard, which is efficient for reducing heat transfer.
  • Recycled fibreglass insulation is always readily available because it produces less energy than traditional fibreglass.
  • Hemp Insulation – derived from the hemp plant, which is good for providing thermal and acoustic insulation, though it is renewable and requires minimal pesticides. 

Energy-Efficient Windows and Skylights

One of the important factors in attic conversion in Inner West is choosing the right windows and skylights. You must specifically select energy-efficient ones that can give out natural light and ventilation, like skylights and roof windows. These materials enable you to save on your energy consumption and the overall sustainability of attic spaces, enhancing indoor air quality in sustainable living.

Solar Solutions for Attic Conversions in Inner West

The potential for incorporating solar panels or solar water heaters in attic conversions is already feasible, and you must take advantage of this. The benefits of harnessing solar energy for heating, cooling, and electricity in Inner West homes include energy independence and low operating and maintenance costs.

Green Solutions with Attic Plus

Attic Plus is an attic conversion company that has been well-known in the industry since 2018. Our enterprise is popular due to our quality services and attic ladders, basic storage, roof windows, skylights, and illuminous self-produced merchandise. 

We can help you out with these sustainable practices to enhance both the environmental impact and livability of your attic conversion. 

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Attic Conversions before and after

Is attic conversion worth the investment?


Adding an extra habitable room (or two) such as bedroom, ensuite or bathroom to your home, with a well-executed attic conversion, can add almost 20 per cent to its market value. Even more if you live inner Sydney where space is limited and property value is high. Plus, it’s easier than adding an extra storey or extension.


  • Can I still live in my home?

    Absolutely! We are able to work in a manner that causes minimal disruption to your home. 90% of the time our installers will be in the roof space.

    Attic Room projects are usually accessed through the roof via a scaffold. We don’t even need to enter your home until the project is almost completed (to install the attic ladder or fixed staircase).

    Our installers all carry vacuums/drop sheets to ensure the space is left tidy at the end of each day.

  • Do I need DA approval?

    Generally, no!   For storage solutions and attic rooms, our works are confined to the existing parameters of the property and because we do not alter the roofline of the house we are able to avoid the timely and costly process of a Development Application.

  • How long does it take?

    Basic storage is generally completed within a day or two. Dust proof storage rooms tend to take between three to five days depending on size and our Attic Rooms can take between 3-5 weeks.  Every home is different, but we can usually give a good estimate on timing at the first enquiry stage.