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Bedroom Ideas of Attic Conversion in Maroubra

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Attic conversion in Maroubra has become a creative solution for adding a cozy bedroom to homes. It is transforming the former storage room into a more innovative, stylish, and comfortable bedroom by installing a different layout in flooring, windows, insulation, lighting, heating, décor, and cooling systems. However, what are the unique charm and possibilities that an attic retreat can offer to transform it into a cozy retreat?

Considerable Key Aspects in Attic Conversion in Maroubra: From A Storage Room Into A Relaxing Haven

Understanding all the factors in creating a relaxing attic space will help you maximise your ideas and apply them by planning your project wisely. It will allow you to use all the available space more effectively and strategically align it with your preferences. Hence, here are the determining factors you should consider:

Embracing Natural Elements

Incorporating skylights to maximise natural light enables you to have a warm connection to Maroubra’s sunny climate. It is one of the vital attributes that many homeowners admire, especially those who love summer but still want to have a restful experience in their attic. 

Consequently, if you want to harness natural breezes in your attic retreat, you can create ventilation in your attic conversion. You can install a soffit, roof, gable vents or a few fans to get the air flowing. It can help create a bedroom retreat that feels connected to the coastal environment.

Choosing Coastal Furniture and Textiles

Selecting furniture and textiles that evoke a coastal, relaxed vibe is a must. The light and airy fabrics, natural materials, and locally inspired decor enhance the overall comfort and style of a room as it has soft tones executed with relaxed materials. Furthermore, these fixtures utilise durable and eco-friendly materials that will ease all your worries about your future expenses.

Smart Storage Solutions

One of the primary challenges of attic conversions in Maroubra is the limited space the space has. By tailoring smart storage solutions, it is possible to achieve your coastal attic room.

You can start by building built-in storage, under-bed options and creatively use alcoves to maximise functionality.

Personalising the Retreat

To complete your cozy attic refuge, you can incorporate elements that reflect your unique style, such as integrating local aesthetics to create a harmonious and inviting space. You can add an integration of local art, photography, or memorabilia to make the attic bedroom a true reflection of your personality.

Achieve Your Cozy Retreat of Attic Conversion in Maroubra with Attic Plus

A well-designed attic bedroom not only maximises space but also enhances the overall lifestyle, offering a tranquil escape inspired by Maroubra’s coastal charm. With one of the best Sydney, Australia’s attic conversion and storage company, Attic Plus, you can attain that coziness you are looking for.

Our company is well-known for our expert artistry, innovative solutions, and quality products, such as ladders, roof windows, skylights, illume merchandise, and attic storage, guaranteeing a 10-year longevity. 

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Attic Conversions before and after

Is attic conversion worth the investment?


Adding an extra habitable room (or two) such as bedroom, ensuite or bathroom to your home, with a well-executed attic conversion, can add almost 20 per cent to its market value. Even more if you live inner Sydney where space is limited and property value is high. Plus, it’s easier than adding an extra storey or extension.


  • Can I still live in my home?

    Absolutely! We are able to work in a manner that causes minimal disruption to your home. 90% of the time our installers will be in the roof space.

    Attic Room projects are usually accessed through the roof via a scaffold. We don’t even need to enter your home until the project is almost completed (to install the attic ladder or fixed staircase).

    Our installers all carry vacuums/drop sheets to ensure the space is left tidy at the end of each day.

  • Do I need DA approval?

    Generally, no!   For storage solutions and attic rooms, our works are confined to the existing parameters of the property and because we do not alter the roofline of the house we are able to avoid the timely and costly process of a Development Application.

  • How long does it take?

    Basic storage is generally completed within a day or two. Dust proof storage rooms tend to take between three to five days depending on size and our Attic Rooms can take between 3-5 weeks.  Every home is different, but we can usually give a good estimate on timing at the first enquiry stage.