Attic ladder installation is easy with the team from AtticPlus – we can help you make the most of that extra space you may not even know you had, by providing fuss-free, easy access to your attic!

At AtticPlus, our aim is to provide our customers with great value attic storage solutions by unlocking the potential of a roof space.

Not only are we passionate about what we do.

We work hard to provide our clients with a cost-effective, high quality solution to best suit their home.

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Attic Ladders – Timber or Aluminium

AtticPlus offer our customers a wide range of both timber and aluminium ladders to access their attic space. We have ladders to suit every need, including our new Fakro timber access ladders that have just been added to our line-up, providing high level craftmanship with unbeatable value!

We recommend ladders based on a customer need of use. For instance if the ladder is to be used on a regular basis we often recommend one of our “Ultimate Series” aluminium ladders which are highly durable and offer an unparalleled build quality.

For those using the space less frequent then a timber Fakro ladder may be the right choice for you.

Whatever the use – a member of our team will happily explain the benefits of our ladder options to ensure you get the ladder that’s right for you!

Should I choose a timber or aluminium attic ladder?

We provide recommendations as follows:

  • If you have a truss roof then we can supply a truss ladder in either timber or aluminium which will fit into the trusses of the roof space.
  • Budget wise – timber ladders are typically seen as a more cost effective solution with our aluminium ladders generally considered to be suitable for a more high-use environment. These also tend to be much more suited and stable to ceilings over three metres in height.
  • The ladder widths come in either a standard 550mm wide opening- enough to fit your standard boxes etc. Or 700mm “wide” versions of our ladders are also available for those who may wish to place larger items in the attic.

AtticPlus – Why Choose Us?

We want to provide you with the best solution to suit your needs. Here are some reasons to choose AtticPlus for your next project:

  1. Great range of attic storage solutions based on your needs and budget –from attic ladders to our three storage options- entry level Essential Storage Room, Dust-Free Dust Proof Storage Rooms, and our flexible Attic Rooms- useable as an office, gym, kids play room to name a few. All requiring no council approvals.
  2. We have a qualified team of friendly, reliable and trustworthy staff – our reputation means a lot to us. We’ve worked hard to build up a positive and friendly rapport with every client and are committed to ensuring the best outcome.
  3. Excellent value for money – we have a strong commitment to quality workmanship, exceptional service, and attention to detail.
  4. Our guarantee – We stand behind our work. We offer a 2-year guarantee for all our essential and clean storage solutions. Attic rooms are covered by a 10-year guarantee.

Attic Ladder Installation Sydney

AtticPlus are here to help whether it’s the installation of an attic ladder or creating a new attic space.

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