Bring your attic space to life and keep all your items neatly stacked away by creating an Dust Proof Clean Room with AtticPlus.

AtticPlus provide attic storage solutions by unlocking the potential of your roof space and providing clean, safe environments to store belongings; or even the ability to create multi-functional useable rooms for our clients.

We aim to give you that extra space you may not even realise you had!

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Attic Storage Dustproof Clean Room

If you’re looking to make use of an attic space but aren’t sure where to start, AtticPlus can help.

The first step:

  • We’ll come out to your home and once on site, we evaluate the attic space and give you advice on the maximum “useable” space you can gain from the attic.
  • At this stage any potential issues with pipes and cables are noted so we can arrange for our tradesmen to come in prior to relocate, if necessary.
  • We discuss the preferred location of an access ladder (hallway, bedroom etc).
  • An on-site written quotation is made that is valid for 90 days.


  • Upon arrival for installation, our master installer will prepare the area with dust sheets and move furniture as required.
  • We create the opening in the ceiling for the access ladder and all material is taken into the roof from this point.
  • There is very little disruption to the daily operation of the home and customers can still use the space below as normal.
  • Once completed we invite the customer up to show them their new room and answer any questions they may have.
  • When we leave we ensure our work area is swept and vacuumed.

NOTE: The minimum square meterage we would recommend for a dust proof room would be 10sqm. An average size room would be somewhere between 15-20sqm. We would expect this to take 3-4 days to complete.

Client Testimonial – Creating a Dustproof Space

We recently worked with Georgina from Summer Hill in Sydney’s inner west to create an attic space, perfect for storage. She was very happy with the end result and here is what she had to say:

“Thanks for your work AtticPlus!

The AtticPlus team were easy to deal with and kept me informed throughout the job. The construction was timely and the team left my home really clean and tidy. Thanks, it is great getting some dust free attic storage space in our home!” – Georgia C, Summer Hill

Why Choose AtticPlus?

Here are just a few reasons to work with the AtticPlus team:

  1. We are customer orientated – We will work with you and create the best solution based on your budget and space available.
  2. We provide attic storage solutions – We have a variety of attic storage solutions to see what fits your requirements to optimise your space. Choose from the essential storage package through to architecturally designed living spaces.
  3. Our guarantee – We stand behind our work. We offer a 2-year guarantee for all our essential and clean storage solutions. Premium or attic living rooms are covered by a 10-year guarantee.
  4. We are flexible – we understand every customer is different and we strive to meet your individual needs. Our projects are completed efficiently, and we work with you to ensure there is minimal impact on your day-to-day living.

Attic Storage Dustproof

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