Make the most of wasted space and convert your garage attic to storage space. If you’re wondering how, AtticPlus is here to help.

AtticPlus are the attic specialists and can convert the under utilised space you have into a storage spot for your home.

From camping items to sports gear and any other rarely used household bits and pieces, we can help create a garage attic storage solution for you.

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Garage Attic Storage

Converting the space above your garage into a storage space is actually more common than you think and we have undertaken many of these projects.

Most garage attic areas have unutilised space above them that is perfect for a storage option. They are very similar to an attic in the main roof of a house; however the ladder is typically positioned in a more convenient way in the garage than roof attic ladders.

We also find there are usually less obstacles for installations regarding air conditioning ducting or other wiring.

Attic Storage Options

When it comes to storage options, the team at AtticPlus can provide the following solutions:

  • Dust proof storage – This is our most popular choice when it comes to storage options. This option is great for keeping items safe and clean in a stabilised environment. Lined with a protective material to keep dust out and offering a layer of insulative protection, these rooms are also fully sealed creating an independent space within the attic.
  • Essential storage – Store items that are rarely used like sporting equipment, sealed boxes, books, smaller furniture items and even tools. Budget friendly and usually installed within a day, our essential storage also comes with a 2 year guarantee.

Convert Garage Attic to Storage Space  

If you want to find out more about your attic storage options for your home, get in touch with AtticPlus today on 1300 502 995 or enquire online here.