If your roof has nothing but empty space, you’re letting the perfect opportunity slip you by. AtticPlus can help you transform the nothing into something by converting roof space to storage.

You can declutter your home and make more room for the important things by creating storage space in your roof.

We can turn the empty space into one of our essential storage areas or even a dust proof room, so everything is fully protected from potential hazards such as mice and dust.

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Getting the Most Out of Your Roof Space

It is important to understand that no two attic spaces are alike. But 99% of roof spaces have the potential to create some form of additional storage space.

Some attics may require existing air-conditioning ducts to be re-routed to allow for a clear space. Or there may be an old hot water service that can be removed to make an area more functional.

We use our knowledge and experience to advise our clients on the best course of action to make the most of their investment.

Choosing your Storage Option

The majority of our clients tend to choose a clean storage room over essential storage due to the benefits of a dust-free environment and having a safe place to store their belongings.

In some cases (particularly newer builds) the roof may have additional sarking to reduce the amount of dust coming into the attic. In these instances, we suggest that it may be a more cost-effective option to create an essential storage room with floor only, as the benefits of clean storage would be minimal.

Likewise, if items to go into the attic are to be sealed in boxes, then we will suggest that an essential room may be of greater value.

For those requiring a more functional space then we recommend our attic rooms which can be transformed into anything from a kids’ playroom to a home office.

How Long Does the Conversion Process Take?

At AtticPlus we always try to keep disruptions minimal and complete the job as soon as possible so you can start using your new area straight away. Essential storage rooms can take as little as a day to complete. Clean storage rooms take a little longer usually between 3-5 days. Both are dependent on size.

Due to the attic rooms being a more complete project, they can take between 3-5 weeks for full installation. We limit any disruption to the home with our clients using the premises as normal during construction.

Why Choose AtticPlus Over Our Competitors?

  • We offer the highest level of customer service and quality work at greater value than our competitors.
  • We arrive on time and get the job done in one go.
  • No hidden charges or unexpected fees.

Converting Roof Space to Storage

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