When it comes to dust proof attic construction south Sydney, AtticPlus will take care of all your attic storage needs.

When you first hear dust proof attic construction, you might think it sounds complicated. But it’s not and AtticPlus can help you realise the full potential of your roof space.

We can design and create clean, safe dust proof environments to store your belongings; or even come up with a multi-functional useable room to utilise that roof space.

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Dust Proof Room Installation

Here at AtticPlus we are very customer orientated. That’s why we keep our clients informed throughout every step of the process.

To give you an idea of how things work, here is a breakdown of how we undertake the installation of a dust proof storage space.

  1. When first arriving for installation, our master installer will prepare the area with dust sheets and move furniture as required.
  2. An opening is created in the ceiling for the access ladder and all material is taken into the roof from this point.
  3. We create as little disruption to the daily running of the home. Therefore, customers can still use the space below as normal.
  4. Once the job is completed we invite the customer up to show them their new room and answer any questions they may have.
  5. We always ensure our work area is swept and vacuumed before we leave.

5 Star Client Review: Dust Proof Room

When a client contacts us looking for a dust free storage solution, we’re more than happy to suggest the installation of one of our dust proof rooms. Christine from Marrickville, South Sydney tells us about her experience with the AtticPlus team.

“From initial contact, Terry and his crew were prompt, professional and easy to deal with all the way through. We were very happy with the work that they did to convert the attic space into a dust free storage area and the efficiency in which the work was done. 5 stars.” – Christine D, Marrickville.

Dust Proof Attic Construction South Sydney

If you have been thinking about creating storage space in your roof cavity, AtticPlus can help no matter where you live in Sydney.

We can provide you with a free, no obligation quote. Phone us on 1300 502 995 or enquire online here.