Dust proof attic lining is the perfect solution to keep all of your items safe, secure and protected in your roof.

AtticPlus works with you to design and create a clean, safe, dust proof environment to store your valuables and other belongings, all within easy access to the main area of your home.

Creating a dust proof storage area in your home could just be the answer you need for all your space problems.

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What is attic lining?

AtticPlus use an excellent product called Reflecta White Cell when installing a dust proof room. This lining is insulative to a rating of R1.0 but more importantly is highly durable and looks great once installed.

We use the lining to cover your roof battens, insulation and other parts of the internal roof so that your items are protected from dust.

What are the benefits?

  • The lining itself is quite tough and impenetrable to dust and rodents.
  • We ensure that the space remains dust free by taping every join with our special insulative tape to completely seal the space.
  • As rooms are fully sealed, this creates an entirely independent space within the attic.

Why you should choose a professional installer

There are many elements to creating a space with a clean and professional look.

The dust proof lining is a bit of an art form to install correctly. Most of our installers have had five plus years of experience creating these rooms.

We have a 2-year guarantee on all of our work so you can be assured the best quality for many years to come and typically our installations are completed within 3-5 days.

Dust Proof Attic Lining

Protect all those special or valuable items with dust proof attic lining. Call the team at AtticPlus on 1300 502 995 for your free, no obligation quote or enquire online here.