Bring the natural outside light into your home with a skylight alternative Sydney.

At AtticPlus we can help you create beautiful ambient light where traditional skylights cannot be fitted by installing an Illume Skylight Alternative.

If you have a place in your home that is usually drab and dull and needs a bit of extra light, it’s the perfect spot to place a skylight alternative like the Illume.

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Illume The Skylight Alternative

Using Ambient Light Technology (ALT) Illume Skylight Alternative creates harmony between internal and external lighting. With the sun moving across the sky, the system adjusts itself and utilises the sun’s energy to power on.

They can be installed in any room and on any floor of any residential, commercial or public building because unlike traditional skylights, you don’t need direct roof access to install an Illume.

You can place an Illume panel in any internal space you require light or extra light, such as pantries, walk-in wardrobes or internal bathrooms.

Benefits of installing an Illume Skylight Alternative

  • No heat transfer – will retain heat in winter and repel heat in summer more efficiently than a shafted skylight system.
  • No leaks – as there is no change to the roof structure, there is no chance to let in any rain or condensation leakage through the light diffuser.
  • Environmentally friendly – powered by solar energy with no mains power or batteries required.

Client Testimonial New Home Installation

Hearing about our happy customers and the difference an installation has made to both their home and their lives, makes our job more beneficial. Here is what Siobhan had to say about installing the Illume into her new home, with the plan to consider getting more!

“We recently had a home built by Metricon. What they don’t show you on the plans is the lack of light in some areas.

So we were weighing up the option of skylights but some areas are directly above our second storey so these were a no go. Then by chance we came across the Illume skylight online. We are so glad we did!!

We contacted the company who put us on to AtticPlus as their recommended installers for our area in Sydney. They were very efficient, easy to deal with and I cannot get over how easy and stress free the install was!

As for the product…It’s actually my favourite part of the home now and we are considering more! They mirror the outside light so well and they really do look just like a normal skylight. Great service. Great Product!”

– Siobhan T.

Skylight Alternative Sydney

So why not make the change and brighten things up with a skylight alternative in your home.

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