If there’s a big enough roof space to work with, there’s a way to turn it into something new –  even for a trussed roof attic conversion.

At AtticPlus, we turn empty roof spaces into attic rooms and storage spaces, making the most of what is usually deemed an unusable area.

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Making an attic out of a trussed roof

We often get asked: can you make an attic from a trussed roof? The simple answer is yes!

We can transform the space into an attic but because of the trusses, only storage options are possible.

Best attic types for trussed roof

Essential or clean storage options work really well for a trussed roof attic conversion, because the trusses can be left in place.

You can’t make an attic room out of a trussed roof, because the timber beams need to be left in place for the structural integrity of the house.

Essential Storage: This is ideal for all those items you need to store but don’t use very often and can help free up space in your home. Great for items like sports equipment, tools or sealed boxes. This option is budget friendly and can be typically installed within the day.

Dust Proof Storage Rooms: These are our most popular storage solution and the best way of keeping items safe and clean and stored away. They are lined with a protective material that keeps dust out but offering a layer of insulative protection. Typically installed within 3-5 days. 

Why Choose AtticPlus?

  • Quality of Work – You deal with the same person from initial quote through to the end of the job, not a subcontractor.
  • Customer Service – We are honest and transparent with no nonsense and straight to the point.
  • Warranty – You’ll receive a 3-year warranty on storage rooms and skylight products with a 10-year warranty on living spaces.
  • Pricing – our pricing is considerably lower than competitors and you’ll get the best price first time. We will also beat any like for like written quote by 5%.

Trussed Roof Attic Conversion

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