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Timber ladders

If you’re concern about budget and you won’t be using a ladder regularly, a timber ladder could be a good choice for you.

Things to consider for timber ladders

  • Timber ladders can get weak points on the hinges whereas the aluminium ladders are riveted and have a much firmer construction for long term extended use.
  • Timber ladders can start to weaken over time.
  • If you’re only going up and down once or twice a year the timber is fine, but the aluminium makes an attic space easier and more enjoyable to use more frequently.

Aluminium ladders

Aluminium ladders are best suited for heavier and more frequent use. Once you have a floor to ceiling height approximately higher than 2.8m, it is recommended to have an aluminium ultimate series ladder for a high ceiling as it has more stability and improved safety.


  • Stability and durability.
  • No wearing.
  • Makes attic use easy and more comfortable.
  • Aluminium ladders come in range of sizes so they can be put in any ceiling.
  • People get more use from an attic if they have an aluminium ladder.

Range of attic ladders available at AtticPlus

We have a range of ladders at AtticPlus to suit every home and budget. All ladders can be installed by one of our professional installers.


  • Made from NZ radiata pine.
  • 36mm thick insulated door prevents temperature loss.
  • Heavy duty hinges for stability and strength.
  • Large opening allows for easy access.
  • Ideal for light/medium use and for ceilings up to 3050mm high.

Ultimate Series

  • Soft close, smooth gas strut operation.
  • Superior grade 9.5mm thick laminated MDF door panel ready for painting.
  • Aluminium steps are serrated to resist slipping.
  • Complete with handrail (left handed available on request).

Deluxe Series

  • Designed, engineered and made in Australia.
  • Complete with handrail (right hand only).
  • Adjustable tension heavy duty spring mechanism.
  • To suit 2200-2700 ceiling height.

Columbus Heavy Duty

  • Heavy duty spring counter balance.
  • Hand rail can be mounted on either side.
  • Suitable for heavy commercial/industrial use.
  • Load rating: 260kg.

Further information about the AtticPlus ladder range can be found here.

Wood vs aluminium attic ladder

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