Attics are primarily used to store accumulated items and seasonal knickknacks, leading people to believe these roof spaces are dirty and disorganised. This is because most homeowners tend to neglect taking care of their attics.

If you dread the idea of going up there because of the mess, you might want to start cleaning. While attic tidying may sound overwhelming, there are plenty of valuable tips to keep your attic organised and clean.

5 Tips to Keep Your Attic Organised and Clean

It can be challenging to figure out where to start when cleaning your attic for the first time in years. However, if you plan for attic conversions, you must put everything in order. To help you get started, follow our comprehensive guide below:

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1. Clear Your Attic

You’ll find it challenging to start organising and cleaning your roof space if you don’t try to empty the room first.

It would be wise to organise attic contents into containers and bring them outside for easier access. Additionally, clearing the attic can help you identify signs of damage and spots to clean.

Take a good look at your attic to see the types of items in there and assess which ones should be thrown out, sold, or kept. Sort them into piles labelled accordingly. You might want to retain less stuff than you initially thought, leaving plenty of room in the attic.

For items you intend to keep, we also recommend placing similar objects in the same boxes for easier reorganisation in the latter part of the attic cleaning process.

2. Evaluate Your Attic

After clearing your attic of junk and its contents, take your time to evaluate the condition of the room. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • How much dust and cobwebs are there?
  • Is there mould and moisture damage?
  • Are the electrical wirings working and in good condition?
  • Does the insulation appear damaged?
  • Are there unwanted pests living in the attic?
  • Do you need to install more attic storage?

Depending on how bad the condition is, you might need to call a professional to help make repairs. Have them remove old insulation, replace damaged wood components, eliminate pests, and rework the wiring.

Some minor issues can be resolved through DIY, such as clearing dust and debris.

3. Dust and Sanitise

A dusty and study attic can be a cause for concern, as they can cause allergic reactions and affect the rest of the home when left unattended for too long. If you haven’t taken care of your attic in a while, you can expect a tremendous amount of dust waiting to be removed.

A vacuum may not be ideal for removing the cobwebs and debris in your attic unless you have carpets or rugs.

Instead, use a damp cloth to dust every nook and cranny manually.

Start by wiping the ceiling, then work down the walls and the floor. Don’t forget to remove the cobwebs using a broom.

If the place is too filthy for manual cleaning, consider calling expert services for a decontamination. They can also give tips and tricks to keep debris and spiders out of your roof space.

4. Repair Damage

A clean attic can reveal hidden damages you might not have noticed before.

Your attic may have increased chances of damage if you don’t visit it often. As mentioned, this may include the insulation, overall structure, electrical wiring, and ventilation. Don’t leave these issues alone for too long, or they’ll cause costly problems for your home.

Hiring a professional to resolve major issues to ensure efficiency and safety is always best. Don’t attempt to fix anything yourself, especially hazardous fixes like removing old insulation and repairing power connections.

5. Reorganise Everything

Once your attic has been repaired, cleaned, and disinfected, you can focus on returning everything to its proper place. This step should be quick if you have organised your items to keep in correct boxes and containers.

Consider installing additional storage space in your attic for more systematic storage and categorisation of items. These include cabinets, compartments, and wall hooks.

Professional attic services can provide excellent storage tips for your roof space.

Attic Services for a Better Home

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