As your children grow, they’ll eventually need a private space to relax and hang out with friends. Often, houses do not have enough space for an additional room, but that’s only the case when you don’t realise the potential of your attic space.

Building a hangout attic room is a great way to provide your teenage children with a dedicated space for their activities. But while it’s fun to design a new attic hangout room, coming up with the perfect idea can be a challenge.

To help you get started, here are five fun attic hangout room ideas your children will love.

  1. Boho Hangout Room

Attic rooms often have bare architecture, with exposed trusses, beams, and wooden walls and flooring. This type of interior opens a door of opportunities for rustic designs, including bohemian spaces.

To achieve a dreamy boho-themed look, try layering textures. Layering is a crucial aspect when styling a bohemian room. For instance, you can combine woven rattan chairs, jute area rugs, and patterned floor pillows. Using fabrics like velvet, corduroy, and suede for throws and cushions can add extra depth. Use outdoor string lights on the ceiling, hang a hammock, and decorate with baskets.

  1. Sporty Hangout Room

Many children entering adolescence slowly become invested in certain hobbies they’ll carry through adulthood. For most, sports is their number one interest.

Giving your child a sporty teen hangout room is a great way to support their interest. Look for pieces of decoration that show off their preferred sport to play, such as decorative skateboards or neon basketball lights. Create a colour palette using their favourite team’s colours, display a sports-themed collection, add mounted and indoor-friendly games, and place lockers for aesthetic and practical storage purposes.

  1. Music-themed Hangout Room

Roof spaces are perfect for designing the ultimate music-themed attic room ideas. Since attics are located at the top of the house, away from the busier areas, they give ample room for peace while focusing on melodic tunes.

During attic renovation, consider soundproofing the space with insulation, carpets, and soundproofing tape. Once everything is set, you can get started with embellishing with instruments (e.g., upright piano and guitars), song art, posters of artists, and music-themed décor.

  1. Blanket Fort Hangout Room

Blankets forts are a favourite among children growing up. Whether your kids are still small or now entering their teenage years, making a blanket fort hangout room is sure to reignite their happy memories under piles of pillows.

Blanket fort hangout rooms are suitable for a small attic. The compact size is reminiscent of those tight yet snug miniature pillow castles we loved as children. Cover the ceilings with throws and blankets, then place soft rugs on the floor. Pile up some pillows for extra comfort, soft glow string lights, and a screen for watching movies.

  1. Comfy Cocoon Hangout Room

In some cases, your child and their friends want a comfortable and clean place to chat and catch up. Some of the best hangout room ideas can have multifaceted purposes beyond just hanging around; some can also be doubled as an attic bedroom.

To create the ultimate cosy attic cocoon, place a bed, rugs, throws, and several cushions for maximum snugness. Also, keep the colour neutral, focusing on beige, cream, or earthy tones. Instead of just artificial light fixtures, install skylights and large windows to let sunlight in. When your teen is mingling with their friends in this living space, you can use it as a secondary bedroom for guests.

Make Your Attic Hangout Room Ideas Come True

Cozy Attic Room Design

There are endless ideas hangout room you can find to give your children or teens the ideal space for their hobbies or to be with friends. However, you’ll need help to convert the rooms in your roof properly.

For professional and quality attic conversion in Australia, talk to Attic Plus. Attic Plus can turn your architectural dreams into reality, from hangout rooms to a home office.

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