Attic bedrooms are the dreamy escape every property owner wants in their homes. The sloped ceiling, the hardwood floors and walls, the secret corners, and the skylights all make up the perfect reason to turn your attic into a cosy room for naps.

However, it’s not easy shoehorning typical bedroom designs into your loft. The features that make the attic unique are what also make it a little harder to convert.

If you’re having a hard time coming up with clever attic bedroom ideas, allow us to help you.


Attic Bedroom Ideas You’ll Love

Homeowners often disregard the attic largely because they believe it is only good for storage. Little do they know that attic conversions provide many benefits, including increased practicality and property value.

An attic bedroom is a fantastic room conversion project for your loft. To help you get started on your project, here are ten sample designs to try:


  1. Make It Light

The attic is known for being dark and musty, but that shouldn’t be the case for your loft bedroom. Take advantage of natural light to create a stunning and cheery atmosphere in your roof space.

If your attic has skylights, don’t hesitate to maximise their ability to illuminate the loft. It would be much better if there were two of them, as this creates an airy, sun-soaked space beaming with life. Consider installing skylights if your attic does not have any.

You can further enhance the natural light of the bedroom by choosing an all-white palette and warm wood flooring.


  1. Going Green

Green is one of the trendiest shades in modern interior design. We highly recommend going for earthy feels when designing attic bedroom ideas.

Splash the walls with a beautiful emerald green paint job, then colour the ceiling white to give the illusion of a larger attic. This colour scheme is perfect for smaller loft spaces, giving it a fresh appearance. Finally, complete the look with wood accents and patterned rugs.


  1. Connect with Nature

Besides painting the attic bedroom green, bring a little bit of the outside into your living space by incorporating some greenery. When it comes to designing any room, you can never go wrong with plants.

We recommend creating a small, lush garden using a variety of potted plants. Add whimsical vibes to the room by hanging a rope swing and star-shaped pendants to draw eyes toward the ceiling, giving the appearance of space.

In addition to bringing a unique natural touch to your attic room, a plant-filled space gives fresher air to breathe and improved relaxation. Also, greenery helps cool attic spaces.


  1. Keep it Open

When deciding on a design concept for your attic bedroom, you may be tempted to place dividers and stuff the room with an abundance of decorations. However, minimalism is always the key.

An open-concept loft bedroom allows it to become versatile enough to accommodate many activities. Additionally, opting to remove the dividers makes it bigger and less cluttered.

The more items you add, the smaller and stuffier it may feel. We recommend placing minimal furniture and decorations as much as possible to avoid clutter.


  1. A Cabin Life

Never underestimate the ability of wood to change the ambience and style of your living space. These days, cabin-themed quarters are witnessing a comeback, and we’re glad it did.

From your walls to your flooring, take advantage of the warm aesthetic brought by wood panelling. Use subtle bed linens and understated decorations to turn your attic room into a rustic, inviting escape. You can also use hides and leather for a more genuine cabin feel.


  1. Use Symmetry

A symmetrically shaped attic can be frustrating to design on the surface, but these odd shapes are perfect for geometry-inspired attic bedrooms.

Emphasise the height of your loft space and draw attention upwards by hanging gorgeous gold geometric lighting on the ceiling. Leverage symmetrical decorations such as matching lamps and side tables on either bedside to ensure harmony. A polka dot accent wall also makes for the perfect backdrop.


  1. Embrace Vintage Themes

There are many kinds of themes you can apply to your attic bedroom. But, if you are looking for a unique bedroom design, consider a vintage-style loft space.

Take a trip to your local antique shop and look for classic decorations to accessorise the bedroom. We highly recommend using wooden furniture and whimsy hanging art to achieve that antique look. Also, use muted colours like dusty pink for a soft touch that brings you back to older times.


  1. Bare Architecture

Rustic interior designs have a distinct charm ideal for an attic setting. Don’t cover the bare brick wall or exposed beams; take advantage of them to make a grand statement in your roof bedroom.

Bare brick walls are fantastic backgrounds for your future attic bedroom. Pair this lovely feature with sunny tones, potted plants, and wooden furnishings, and you get yourself an instant rustic look that will stun anyone.

The same goes for exposed beams. While you may be tempted to cover them with a solid ceiling, they are better left the way they are. Bare beams make the room look bigger and add a farm chic touch.


  1. Creative Storage

Want a bedroom that maximises functionality? Unlock your attic’s storage potential while keeping it as a place for resting by finding creative storage methods.

You can use the bottom of the bed as a hidden compartment to store clothes, shoes, and other possessions. Fitted wardrobes can accommodate all of your items without dominating the room, allowing sufficient space for additional features.


  1. A Home Within a Home

If you want something beyond just a loft bedroom, consider a full transformation. Instead of settling for a bed and some decorations, fully furnish the room to make it look like a studio apartment.

Besides the usual bed, place a couch and dining table with a chair to give the feeling of a home within a home. Spaces like these are suitable for teenagers who may want a private room where they can feel independent.

Complete this miniature studio apartment by adding curtains and rugs. If possible, leave room for a small bathroom and increase ventilation and temperature regulation by installing a ceiling attic fan.


Create the Ultimate Attic Bedroom

There are unlimited possibilities for an attic bedroom. With the right planning and execution, you can achieve that dream loft sleeping quarters in no time.

It is always best to partner with reputable contractors when converting your loft. Attic Plus is Australia’s leading expert in attic storage and conversion, turning dream rooms into reality for years. Visit Attic Plus today to get an online quote.