The attic is a handy extra storage area of the house where you can put items away and they aren’t seen. But it’s also an area that can be one of the hardest to keep clean. In this latest blog from AtticPlus, we have put together the best tips for how to clean attic dust.

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Where Does Attic Dust Come From?

Attic dust comes from the external environment – dirt, ash or anything that originated outside the roof space.

Attics are usually remote and enclosed spaces with little to no ventilation. Dust can make its way inside through holes, cracks, gaps or even broken seals.

Steps for Cleaning Attic Dust

Although usually the one place that is less frequented in a house, an attic can easily become the most dusty and dirty. Here is the best way to clean up the dust:

  1. Move belongings out of the way – either stack the items in a corner or completely remove them from the attic if you can.
  2. Dust using a static charged duster to pick up all the dust from the tops of boxes/belongings and rafters. It’s best to use a static charged duster as it will collect all the dirt and dust while a normal duster will only move it around the room.
  3. Vacuum the floors and any hard to reach corners – this will help you collect and trap the dust particles to avoid spreading them further.
  4. Replace your belongings cleaning the dust off as you go so you aren’t returning it to the attic.
  5. In instances where the dust is unsafe to clean yourself, look to engage a professional cleaning service.

The best way to prevent attic dust is to have the space wrapped in a dust proof lining. This enables the space to block external particles from entering and gathering in the roof space.

How to Clean Attic Dust

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