When it comes to transforming the space in your roof into an area you can use, AtticPlus takes care of everything including attic flooring Sydney.

At AtticPlus, we stand behind our work and every project is completed efficiently and with every detail taken care of.

Our customers are the lifeline of our business and our ultimate goal is to ensure you are happy with every aspect of the job we do for you.

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Attic Flooring Material

The floor in storage rooms we build are based with a particle board. However, customers who have opted for an attic room to be built rather than just a storage space, have the option to include a lament floor laid on top of the particle board.

There is a standard three-year warranty on all works completed.


If you haven’t experienced anything to do with an attic transformation before, don’t worry we don’t just throw it all in and it’s finished. For flooring installation, this is the process we follow:

  • We install 70 x 35mm batons on top of your existing ceiling joist.
  • These are spaced at 450mm centres.
  • Particle board is laid on top of the batons. This means the particle board does not interfere with any existing pipes or cables.
  • Most clients who have opted for an attic room upgrade to the lament floorboard to give a room a complete and comfortable look.

Why Choose AtticPlus?

  • We offer a variety of attic storage from solutions to designed living spaces.
  • Our team is flexible and will work with you to ensure minimal disruption to you and your family.
  • We offer no obligation free quotes. You can even book in for your quote online.

Attic Flooring Sydney

As the attic specialists, AtticPlus will take care of every aspect of your new attic. Phone us on 1300 502 995 or enquire online here.