Convert your dark, empty roof space into a safe, functional attic

It’s dark and gloomy and usually the most closed off part of your home, so you’re probably wondering, how can I brighten my attic room?

It’s easier than you think. In this latest blog from the AtticPlus team, we’ll give you a few tips and options on making your attic a brighter space.

To find how to add more light, check out the blog below. We’re also here if you have any questions or need further advice on anything attic related. Give us a call on 1300 502 995 or enquire online here.

Options for a Brighter Attic Space

  • Illume – The skylight alternative that you can install in any room on any floor of any building. Unlike traditional skylights, you don’t require direct roof access to install.
  • LED lighting – An energy efficient option with multiple fixture options.
  • Skylights – AtticPlus have a range of roof windows and skylights available.
  • Down lights – Easily light up the roof space with a few downlights for some general lighting.
  • Dormer windows – A roofed structure featuring a window that increases the useable space in your roof.

Roof Windows and Skylights

At AtticPlus we use Fakro skylights and roof windows – these are available for most roof types of any home.

One of the biggest benefits of using roof windows or skylights is the design feature aspect, which increases the feeling of space, ventilation and natural light.

If you are unable to install a traditional skylight or window, Illume is the next good option. Illume can harness the power of the sun and sunlight using only a solar panel and a transfer cable connected to the Illume panel, providing incredible natural looking light.

We think both are great options and equally desirable. It all really depends on the property style/space restrictions and budget of the project.

Talk to the AtticPlus team about all your options.

Want to brighten your attic room?

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