Convert your unused attic space into a multi-purpose Attic Room

It’s often the part of the house that is forgotten but can be very handy for storage or even creating another living space. Your roof is the perfect spot for a multi-purpose attic room Sydney.

If you’re having a light bulb moment and realise you have undervalued the space in your roof, AtticPlus can help with the transformation. Whether you just want to create a bit of extra storage or possibly even something bigger, we have a variety of options for you to choose from.

If this sounds like you but you aren’t sure where to start, talk to the AtticPlus team. You can call us on 1300 502 995 or enquire online here.

Attic Rooms

The most common types of attic rooms we create are:

  • Storage rooms.
  • Dust proof rooms.
  • Flexible attic rooms.
  • Full attic conversion rooms (living space or bedroom).

We also have loads of options to customise an attic room. Here are just a few ways you can do it:

  • Flooring – options to use floorboard/laminate or carpets.
  • Lighting – dormer (roof) windows, skylights, downlights, Illumes.
  • Joinery – cupboards, wardrobes, storage units or open space.
  • Finish – painted finish, v-groove timber finish or dust proof lining.
  • Ladders – options for access, electric opening or fixed staircases.

Why an Attic Makes a Great Addition to Your Home

Attic spaces are great for properties where it is impractical to extend a building footprint onto available land, especially in Sydney high density residential areas such as inner city or inner west.

The ability to go up into an already existing attic space is perfect as most small attic works do not require a Development Application (DA) and most of the building structure is already done. This means a quick turnaround for work completion with minimal impact to customers keeping you in the home you love.

Attic Room Construction Process

  • Have your space assessed by an AtticPlus Attic Specialist. They can provide you with the best options to suit your space, budget and lifestyle needs (dust proof, flexible living, storage only).
  • Removal or relocation of any electrical or air-conditioning pipes to maximise space.
  • Decide on any customised details and access point to the new room – space for a stair well/attic ladder.
  • Our Attic Specialist will review and recommend any required reinforcements of your roof structure.
  • Lighting or skylight options are installed.
  • For a dust proof or basic storage, batons are placed across your existing ceiling joists to provide a base for the particle board flooring, which is then placed on top.
  • Our dust proof rooms are sealed with our insulative dust proof lining.
  • Attic rooms and full conversions are typically finished in a gyprock ready for painting.
  • Review with the customer and finalise the fit out for handover.
Note: Council approval may be required if altering the roof line or when making any significant alterations. AtticPlus currently offers a service to support a customer through a Development Application process if this is recommended/required.

Looking for the best Attic Conversion Specialist in Sydney?

If you need a multi-purpose attic room Sydney, AtticPlus can get the job done. Call AtticPlus on 1300 502 995 or enquire online here.