Attic conversions give properties greater value and functionality. If you are planning to transform your attic into a functional living space, you might wonder, “how long does an attic conversion take?”

Like many other home renovation projects, attic conversions must go through several steps before completion. Australian regulations typically take much of the time, especially since there will be surveys and documents to be processed.

This guide will cover everything you need to know about possible attic conversion timeframes.

How Long Does an Attic Conversion Take: Explaining the Facts

Why Convert an Attic?

The attic is rarely used by homeowners, often ending up as ordinary storage space or an empty area covered in dust. Unknown to some, the attic holds significant potential once converted into a functional space. When planning a roof space renovation, you have the opportunity to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Property Expansion– When homeowners think of expanding, they think of building a new room extension in the property’s available outdoor space. However, not everyone has the privilege of a large yard. Instead of creating a room, leverage the extra space in your attic to obtain an additional room.
  • Affordability– Converting the attic for added space is more cost-effective than a ground-floor expansion. Unlike the latter, attic conversions do not need new foundations since they will use the house’s existing structures.
  • A New Area– Attics are not limited to storing items only; they can be converted into home offices, playrooms, libraries, guest bedrooms, and many more.
  • Increased Home Value– With the combined benefits of enhanced functionality and maximized property space, your home’s value will increase. This makes it more appealing to potential buyers when you plan to sell the house in the future.

Attic Conversion Duration: The Contributing Factors

There is no set time it will take to finish an attic conversion project. Many factors can impact how quickly you can see results, all of which will vary depending on your property. To help you estimate the possible timeframe of your conversion project, here are some considerations to account for:

Attic Size

Look at the size covered by your roof space. The larger your attic, the longer the conversion will finish. In Australian households, attics take up around 30% of the total floor area.

Attic Condition

The existing health of your attic will also play a big role in the time estimation of your loft conversion. Attics in poor condition will require extra renovations to bring it up to code, which can take additional weeks to finish.

Design and Planning

How you want to finish your attic will also dictate the timeframe of the conversion project. The planning and decorating will go beyond the type of furniture you’ll move into the new space; it might include additional fixtures like skylights, more electricals, and the entrance type.

Conversion Type: A Primary Determiner

Besides the size, condition, and design, another factor that significantly impacts the timeframe of a renovation is the type of attic conversion. The type you choose will depend on the height and shape of your roof, the kind of house, and other relevant regulations.

Below is a comprehensive list of attic conversion types and their estimated durations:

Simple Attic Conversion

As the name implies, simple attic conversion is a straightforward, cost-effective process that involves placing a stairway access and a room or two. On average, a quick conversion project should take less than six weeks.

Velux Attic Conversion

Velux conversions involve installing Velux windows roof light windows for access to air and natural light. These windows are placed on the pitch of the roof, allowing the most light. You can expect a Velux conversion to be complete after around four to six weeks.

Hip-to-Gable Conversion

Hip-to-gable attic conversions involve straightening an inwardly slanted end roof to create a wall. In a sense, this changes a hip roof to a gable one. Expect around four and a half to six weeks’ worth of work with hip-to-gable projects.

Mansard Attic Conversion

Mansard attic conversions are often carried out at the back of the property with a horizontal roof and a 72-degree back wall. This creates a tremendous roof space and a desirable room design and proportion. Mansard conversions take up to eight to ten weeks to finish.

Dormer Attic Conversion

Dormer windows are excellent solutions to adding more charm and light to your roof space. A square structure will be placed on the pitched roof, giving spectacular views and a bigger room.

Due to how extensive installing a dormer will be, the conversion may last around ten to twelve weeks.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is There a Way to Shorten Conversion Periods?

There is no guaranteed way to hasten the process of converting your attic, especially if the house is not in good condition. Your best bet to speed up the conversion process is to thoroughly plan everything that needs to be done to the attic to ensure smooth sailing.

Also, decide whether to take a simple conversion or accept longer construction periods in exchange for bigger and more intricate functional loft spaces.

Do I Need Professional Help to Convert?

In general, hiring a professional conversion company is ideal when planning an attic renovation. Besides safety, professional conversion services ensure that all goes according to plan and is compliant with local regulations. Experts can also help with installing necessities like ventilation, electricals, and lighting.

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Do Attic Conversions Require Council Approval?

Much like any other home renovation project, creating roof alterations or turning your attic into a habitable area will likely require the approval of your local council. In some cases, you don’t need approval as long as you keep your attic under the profile of the current roof.

How Long Do Attic Conversions Take?

The answer to this question is that it depends. Every house is different, so there is no telling how accurately long an attic conversion will take before finishing. Worrying about the duration of the project should be second to getting it done correctly. It does not matter how many weeks it will need; what matters is that the new attic room will be up to standard, both personally and legally.

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