For most, the roof space is nothing more than a glorified storage unit. In the eyes of a designer, however, the loft holds the greatest potential to be the most luxurious room in a home. All it takes is to hire attic conversion Australia services, and you’ll soon have a wonderful bedroom, office, or just about any living space possible.

At mofirst glance, a loft may appear bare and rough, but a little decorating can maximise that space’s signature aesthetic. If you are looking for answers to how to make your loft cosier, you’ve come to the right place.

A Roof Escape: How to Make Your Loft Cosier

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During the initial stages of your attic renovation plan, you’ll need to determine the overall design of your new loft. Cosying your new room does not have to be complicated – it can be as simple as placing rugs or picking the right colour palette. Below are easy loft decorating ideas to turn your cavernous roof space into a warm and snug room:

Stay Neutral

Going overboard with the colours is not a good idea if your goal in decorating your loft space is to maximise comfort. A very bright palette will overwhelm your senses, while an excessively dark one might make the room too small.

The key to achieving a homely attic space is to keep the colour scheme neutral. Neutral shades like beige, white, and tan create an easy flow through the loft, creating a tranquil atmosphere. This type of palette also gives the illusion of a spacious and airier space.

Liven Up the Walls

Blank walls make attics feel cold and detached. In places located at the top of the house, you need to reduce the number of barren-looking areas of the loft as much as possible.

An effective way to spruce up your walls is to hand pictures and canvas paintings of your travels, memories with friends and family, and quotes you live by. Experiment with various styles – individual frames to multiple collages – until you achieve the look that you want.

Illuminate with Lighting

One of the reasons why attics are viewed as dingy is due to a severe lack of proper lighting. Though simplistic, lighting can significantly improve the overall appearance of even the most sombre of roof spaces.

The best part about lighting is that the potential decorating ideas are not exclusive to installing new light bulbs and other fixtures:

  • Place built-in overhead lighting and wall-mounted scones for an attic bedroom setting
  • Layering lights: use an overhead fixture (e.g., chandelier) as the foundation, then layer with lamps and art lights.
  • Use soft white bulbs to create a sanctuary-like environment.
  • Leverage the comforting glow of candlelight by placing a collection of pillar candles and traditional tealights. If possible, add a fireplace for the ultimate cabin vibes.
  • Install skylights and windows to allow more natural light in. Natural light has the uncanny ability to transform dull spaces into lively and balanced areas.
  • Consider placing a floor-to-ceiling window. Keep reading to discover how to utilise this design.

Soften with Comfy Textiles

Nothing screams comfort more than pillows and cushions. Whether you’re designing a loft bedroom or other room dedicated to relaxation, piling pillows, blankets, a throw, and many other textiles can instantly add cosiness to any interior design.

You can create contrast in the converted attic space by using dark shades for your throw and pillows. Choose sumptuous textures like velvet, linen, and feathers to soften the décor. Also, add a rug to have something cosy and soft under your foot.

Bring Nature In

Plants have long since been an important element in making a home cosy. When browsing for the best attic bedroom ideas, you’ll find that many incorporate nature into their design.

The reason is that plants can make the room breezier by mirroring nature outside. A loft bedroom can never be truly considered comfortable without fresh air. Combined with windows and proper ventilation, that once stifling loft becomes a relaxing escape.

Comfortable Loft Space Ideas

The design potential of loft spaces is endless, and it’s the reason why these roof spaces are often coveted by many. That said, it can be challenging to determine the perfect loft ideas when there are unlimited options. Take a look at these suggestions you can use for inspiration:

Ambient Loft

Picture lying in your loft bed as you watch the night sky and waking up to golden rays in the morning. Floor-to-ceiling windows are your key to getting this dreamy scenario.

Floor-to-ceiling windows create a cosy bedroom by pouring in light and providing a stellar view. Consider combining these ambient windows with a mix of woods and metals for contrast, plants for vibrance, and minimalist décor ideas to accentuate architectural features.

Industrial Loft

Some lofts have exposed bricks and pipes that might seem bothersome at first, that is, until you style it up.

Exposed bricks and pipes in a roof space open the potential for an industrial-inspired interior design. Painting those bricks white and decorating the room with velvet materials and matching decorative lighting will get you a nice, luxe loft.

Rustic Loft

Often, bare-bones attics are some of the best areas to start with amazing interior decorating ideas. If your roof space has exposed beams, wooden panels, and visible trusses, don’t cover them up yet.

Bare architecture is perfect for a rustic loft style. Play around with warm palettes like browns, blue, purple, rich reds, and oaky hues will achieve a cabin-like appearance. Also, consider adding wool cardigan throws, pops of green using plants, and candlelight lighting or a fireplace to make the place twice cosier.

Texture Guide for Loft Spaces

One crucial factor when loft decorating is texture. The texture can make or break the room in terms of comfort and elegance. This factor is not just applied to the fabrics but also to the walls, floors, and furniture.

When choosing textiles and upholstery, use this as a guide:

attic design

Soft Textures

  • Velvet – this luxurious texture adds warmth and elegance.
  • Faux Fur – Soft and tactile; perfect for creating a snug atmosphere.
  • Linen – Linen evokes a relaxed vibe through its light and breathable appearance.

The following are great texture ideas for furniture and decoration:

Visual Textures

  • Matte Finishes – Achieve a rich, subtle, and understated look with matte finishes
  • Satin Finishes – Satin is sleek and visually appealing, adding depth without being tactile.
  • Wood-Grain Patterns – This finish is perfect for adding visual interest to furniture and floors

For the general appearance of the loft apartment, the following are recommended textures:

Rough Textures

  • Natural Wood – For rustic designs, natural wood exudes warmth and snugness.
  • Metal – Industrial designs benefit from the edginess of metal, which adds accents and character.
  • Bumpy Details – Look for light fixtures with intriguing details and sculptural elements to add depth to your cosy loft space.

Achieve the Ultimate Cosy Loft Space

Whether you’re building a new bedroom or a sanctuary to escape and relax, comfort must be one of your top goals when brainstorming design ideas. Due to the nature and build of attics, you will need professional assistance to discover the best ideas loft spaces need to become cosier and liveable.

Get in touch with Attic Plus, one of Australia’s fastest-growing attic and conversion companies, to get started on your loft renovation.


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