Natural light has the uncanny ability to enhance the appearance and ambience of a home. Unlike artificial lighting, the glow of the sun’s rays filtering into your room creates comfort and cosiness.

If you have been interested in natural light for some time, you may have heard of the ongoing debate comparing roof windows vs skylights. While both do the same job of bringing sunlight into your home, you may be surprised they differ greatly.


Roof Window vs. Skylight: A Comprehensive Comparison

Whether you plan on renovating your attic for a living space or want to enhance the charm of your home, roof windows and skylights do a fantastic job of keeping the atmosphere bright.

If you’re wondering what the difference is between roof windows and skylights, you came to the right place. In this guide, we’ll show you their key characteristics along with some pros and cons to help you decide which to get.


A Peek into the Sky: Roof Windows

Roof windows are quite literally windows installed in the roof. These fixtures feature a hinged top that opens and closes, allowing natural light, increased ventilation, and a beautiful sky view. Roof windows are usually installed in sloped ceilings, making them the ideal option for attics.

There are many different types of roof windows, including manually operated, fixed windows, and electrically operated.


Advantages of Roof Windows

  • Increased Natural Light– The primary purpose of roof windows is to let as much natural light into your space as possible. Since they are bigger and higher up, they can capture as many sun rays as possible.
  • Better Ventilation– One of the greatest benefits of roof windows is improved ventilation. Most roof windows can be opened until 90°, promoting air circulation throughout your home.


Disadvantages of Roof Windows

  • Roof Pitch Limitation– Roof windows require a minimum of 15° roof pitch to install. If your home does not meet the requirements, a roof window may not be possible.


Unveiling the Heavens: Skylights

Whether you’re looking for increased aesthetic appeal or functionality, skylights are the ideal solution. Similar to roof windows, they are installed on the roof with the prime purpose of letting natural light in.

The main difference between roof windows and skylights is the latter’s lack of a hinged opening. Typically, skylights can’t open, although a vented type allows you to create a small gap for air.


Advantages of Skylights

  • Natural Light– Skylight roof fixtures allow sunlight to grace your home’s space, transforming any room into a cosy and welcoming place.
  • Versatility– Unlike roof windows, skylights do not have roof pitch limitations and can be installed on flat roof surfaces.


Disadvantages of Skylights

  • Uncontrolled Light– Roof windows can be covered with blinds or glaze to reduce sun glare, but the same cannot be applied to skylights. You might experience excess heat or lighting, especially during the summer.


Best Applications

Skylights and roof windows are the ideal options for modern interior design. Both can deliver aesthetic and practical benefits, which can boost home value. However, if you want to maximise these fixtures, it is best to know where they are best applied:

  • Roof Access– Roof windows can be opened wide, giving easy access to the roof.
  • Out-of-Reach Heights– Skylights are better for this situation since most are automated.
  • Attic Living Space– Roof windows are great for attic rooms since they offer ventilation and light. They can also be opened anytime for fresh air and shut tight to prevent dust.
  • Old Skylight Replacement– New skylights are still the better choice when replacing an old one. They can fit the hole left behind, saving you on reconstruction costs.


The Bottomline

In the end, it all comes down to your needs and preferences. Additionally, the architecture of your home must be factored in to ensure compatibility and satisfy expectations.

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