Are you looking for ways to make the most of your attic storage? While it’s a handy place to essentially “dump” a lot of your belongings, if used correctly you can actually store more items in your attic than you realise.

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How to Make the Most of Your Attic Storage

Attic storage is a great way to secure and keep items in a safe place so you can access them if you ever need to. Here are some of the best ways to keep everything in its rightful place:

  • Shelves.
  • Angled shelving to maximize into roof space.
  • Drawers.
  • Hanging racks.
  • Panelling.
  • Bookshelf.
  • Hooks for sporting equipment, etc.
  • Use natural lighting options (Illumes, etc).

Handy Storage Tips

  • Organise – rather than just dump everything in the space.
  • Use transparent storage containers to enable a visual of the contents and make it easier to find what you are looking for.
  • Use plastic boxes, rather than cardboard boxes, to keep belongings safe and secure.
  • Label all of the boxes and ensure that the labels are facing outwards so it’s easy to read when you enter the room.
  • Make a list of all of the items in storage so you know where everything is rather than have to go through every box, shelf or container.
  • Create a holding area within your home and if you don’t use items for a period of six months, put it into storage.

Ways to Make the Most of Your Attic Storage 

Make the most of your attic storage space and it will become the best room in the house. If you’re looking for more information on creating an attic storage space, contact AtticPlus today on 1300 502 995 or enquire online here.