House mice are among the most common and damaging issues in almost every attic. Rodents will squeeze through tiny entrances in your roof space to nest and become nuisances. These critters will chew wires and insulation, spread diseases through dust, and contaminate food and water through their droppings.

Getting rid of mice in your attic is no easy task. With so many nooks and crannies, these little pests have more than enough room to hide and cause as much havoc as possible. For your home to be healthy and comfortable, you need to know how to get rid of mice in attic in the most effective and humane ways possible.

The question is, how?


How to Get Rid of Mice in the Attic: A Guide

Whether you wish to have a cleaner roof space or are preparing it for an attic conversion, eliminating rodents will be at the top of your priorities. There are a few ways you can get rid of them; while it will take plenty of patience and effort, it is possible to make your attic mouse-proof.

How to Get Rid of Mice in Attic Under Insulation

Insulation regulates the temperature of your attic. These properties make them the perfect place for a mouse or two to create a home. Compromised insulation due to rodent problems will affect the temperature in your attic.

To eliminate mice in your insulation, try the following solutions:

  • Seal any orifices that mice can enter
  • Replace the insulation, as it is likely impacted with faeces and urine that attract more mice to your attic.
  • Use insulation that rodents do not like, such as cellulose and blown-in insulation.


How to Get Rid of Mice on Attic Roof?

Your attic’s roof is not safe either when an infestation occurs. Roof and ceiling mice will make unwanted scurrying and scratching noises and leave excrement falling from the headspace. Below are answers to how to get rid of mice in attic ceiling and roof:

  • Seal all holes and cracks with waterproof sealant
  • Cover the vents and other roof openings with a metal mesh
  • Trim back all bushes and tree branches so mice won’t use them to hide or jump onto your roof


How to Get Rid of Mice in an Inaccessible Attic

Mouse control in an attic with no way to access it will add to the challenge of getting rid of pests. If you are unable to enter your attic or cannot reach certain areas, you can always try to lure them out using these steps:

  • Lay out mouse traps around the infested area, such as snap traps. Snap traps are often the most effective method.
  • If you prefer a more humane trap, consider using live traps. Live traps catch the rodents instead of killing or hurting them, allowing you to release the mice elsewhere.
  • To make your traps more effective, put food bits like cheese or peanut butter.


How Do I Get Rid of Mice in My Attic Permanently?

While the abovementioned tips will help remove the rodents infesting your roof space, there is a significant chance of them returning. Even after you’ve transformed your attic into a new living space, certain habits and environments will draw mice back.

What keeps mice away permanently? Check out these practical words of advice:

Locate Rodent-Prone Areas

Before removing or cleaning anything, look around the attic and identify possible places where mice can enter or hide. Look around for droppings, comings and goings, and actual rodents to get an idea of how to remedy the situation.

Start by inspecting the exterior of your home from top to bottom, at the roofline, eaves, chimney, and foundation. Mice often start in the crawlspaces and work their way up through electrical wires and water pipes.


Remove Sources of Food, Water, and Refuge

Mice love attics because it is dark, warm, and mostly unused. On top of those, exposed food and water give rodents more reason to stay. If you want them gone for good, reduce their sources of food, water, and harbourage.

Bird feeders are notorious for drawing in mice and other rodents into homes, so remove them if possible. Also, take out garbage, cover leaky hoses or plumbing, toss out wood piles, and trim vegetation.


Place Traps

Even after you’ve gotten rid of the mice in the attic, make it a habit to leave traps up there. There is also a huge possibility that several mice might be stuck inside after you’ve sealed entry points, so make it a habit to leave attic mouse traps in the crawlspace.


Maintain Sanitation

Concerning removing food sources, keeping your home clean, organised, and sanitised will help prevent mice from nesting in your attic. Clean up any crumbs after eating, and toss unwanted items from your attic.


Rodent-Proof Your Home

Exclusion systems are your permanent answer to how to get rid of mice in attic and walls. Exclusion systems protect properties from nuisance wildlife and pests that invade homes, especially the attic. You can contact your local pest control for suggestions on exclusion.

Want to know how to get rid of mice in attic naturally? Consider getting a cat or adding peppermint oil to places where rodents are attracted, such as garbage bins and vents.



  1. Why Do I Keep Getting Mice in My Attic?

Your attic might provide the ideal environment for mice to thrive. Rodents tend to infest roof spaces that are rarely visited, run-down, dirty, damp, and dark. Your vents might also be guilty of providing entryways.


  1. How Long Does It Take for Mice to Get Out of the Attic?

The answer will vary depending on the pest control, but it typically takes two weeks for mice to be entirely removed from attics.


  1. Mice in Attic: What do They Eat?

Mice will eat almost anything; in the attic, they are particularly fond of grains and seeds that squirrels or birds might bring in. Rodents will not stay in the attic only, however, and will visit other parts of the home to look for food.


  1. Are Mice in the Attic Dangerous?

Yes, rodents pose hazards to households. Mice are known for spreading deadly diseases, such as typhus and Lymphocytic choriomeningitis virus (LCM), through excrement. Rodent waste is also toxic to inhale.


Convert Your Attic Today!

Transforming your attic into a converted living space can make it cleaner and more organised, making it less attractive for rodents to live in. If you need help renovating your old roof space, don’t hesitate to contact Attic Plus – one of Australia’s leading attic services companies.


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