Achieving greater space in a small home is not an easy feat. If there is not enough room on the ground floor to build another living area, consider performing an attic conversion.

Planning to convert your attic into a home office, extra bedroom, or any other functional space is fun and exciting. However, attics are not the biggest rooms in the house, and the many awkward corners and angles can make it look tinier. Plus, the small space can make fitting furniture and decorations difficult.

Still, that doesn’t mean you can’t increase the size of your loft. If you are looking for tips on how to make a small attic room look bigger, you came to the right place.

How to Make a Small Attic Room Look Bigger: A Guide

Interior designers take several steps to expand the total square footage of their attic in preparation for a conversion. One of them includes heavy reconstruction of the loft’s entire structure, like adding a dormer window or adding an exterior wall.

You don’t have to dismantle your attic or add more walls and floors to it to give the appearance of a larger space. All you need is the magic of lighting, colour choice, and furniture placement.

Harness the Power of Light

Though your attic is small, avoid using only a single bulb as a light source. A lone light bulb will fail to illuminate the entire room, and the uneven lighting will only make your loft space look tinier. As much as possible, use a combination of table lamps, floor lamps, ceiling spotlights, and built-in furniture and bookcase lights.

You can also use natural light to enhance the ambience and feel of your attic rooms. Besides creating a warmer and more welcoming atmosphere, natural light can make small attics look larger and airier. When converting your loft, consider installing skylights and Velux windows to allow sunshine through. If your attic is lucky enough to overlook beautiful scenery, we recommend installing floor-to-ceiling windows to get a stunning view.

Keep It Neutral

It can be tempting to use dark shades for your attic room since they are stylish and sleek. Unfortunately, this kind of bold palette will make your converted attic look much smaller and cramped.

The perfect colours for small attics are light, neutral colours. Using white, cream, taupe, and other neutral hues to colour walls can open up a room. Additionally, painting the mouldings and trims a shade lighter than the walls will make them appear farther back.

You can add an edge to the room by fitting it with furniture and accessories in dark, contrasting colours.

Create Illusion with Mirrors

Mirrors are not just used for checking yourself now and then. While you might have a perfect idea of where to place your mirror in the new attic room, these simplistic fixtures can make your converted space appear much bigger when positioned correctly. The question is, how?

Mirrors reflect everything around them, doubling the available visual space. For instance, long, skinny mirrors turned on their side can make the walls look longer. Floor-to-ceiling or wall-to-wall mirror accessories also expand the size of the attic by reflecting the space.

This technique is easy and affordable to execute. Try experimenting with various mirror angles until you get the size illusion you want.

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Install Fitted Furniture

Fitted furniture is the optimal solution for awkward, wasted nooks and crannies. These types of furniture can be customised to match the irregular shapes of a loft’s corners. Unlike standalone ones, fitted furniture maximises space utilisation and creates a more seamless interior design.

Consider installing built-in storage like wardrobes, cabinets, and shelves to use up all available space while answering your storage needs. You can also use large wardrobes as a makeshift partition to separate two different areas of the converted attic. For rooms like offices and workspaces, try slotting a table into the spare angles of the staircase, on the landing, or within the room.

Sofa by Day, Bed by Night

With a small attic, it is essential to have furniture and fixtures that can serve multiple purposes at once. If you need a place to sit and lie down, daybeds are a worthy investment. This smart piece of furniture can be used as a sofa during the day and as a comfortable bed to rest on at night.

Many daybeds have extra storage built underneath that helps you make the most out of your loft space. Plus, daybeds come in various designs that are capable of blending with different kinds of interior designs.

Room Ideas for Small Attics

Small attics are complicated to convert properly, but having a clear picture of what kind of room you want it to be can help simplify the process of how long it will take to convert while maximising space. If you need attic room ideas for your compact loft, look at our suggestions below:

Attic Library

Small attics are a great place to store your books and have a quiet refuge while indulging in your favourite novel. An attic library can easily be achieved by fitting the walls with custom bookshelves, a coffee table, a sofa, and a floor lamp.

Attic Bedroom

If you need an additional bedroom for your children or guests, your small attic is more than capable of accommodating them. Just ensure the loft has sufficient ventilation, insulation, access to natural light, and structural soundness. Consider using daybeds for multipurpose functionality, built-in wardrobes, and fitted tables.

Attic Yoga Room

Yoga rooms do not need as much furniture and accessories as any other types of rooms. What’s important is that the environment is peaceful and quiet for you to relax and focus, characteristics attics typically hold. After a bit of cleaning and redesigning, you can quickly transform your roof space into a yoga room where you can achieve zen energy.

Attic Home Office

With many companies shifting to a remote work setup, many employees dream of having an office where they can be productive without needing to leave home. Leverage your compact attic and turn it into a home office by placing a fitted desk, an office chair, built-in shelves, plants, rugs, and a computer. Don’t forget to add a Wi-Fi modem for internet connectivity upstairs.

Explore Various Ways to Transform Your Small Attic

Just because your attic is small does not mean you can turn it into your dream living space. With so much potential hidden among the dust and cobwebs, don’t miss out on the opportunity to upgrade your home’s practicality and value by converting it with the help of Attic Plus – one of Australia’s fastest-growing conversion and attic-related service providers. Visit Attic Plus to learn about how you can effectively convert your compact roof space.